Monday, August 18, 2008

The Dancing Queen

Ordinarily we don't traffic in the trivialities of political campaigns, but since John McCain's outing as a closet ABBA fan might seriously lead the Missus to cast her first ballot as as American citizen for the GOP, this is a story yr. correp. has been keeping an eye on.

Speaking to Walter Isaacson at the Aspen Institute in Colorado on Thursday, McCain found himself explaining a recent interview with Blender Magazine in which he selected ABBA’s 1976 track “Dancing Queen” as his favorite song.

“What were you thinking?,” Isaacson asked him, looking incredulous.

“If there is anything I am lacking in, I’ve got to tell you, it is taste in music and art and other great things in life,” McCain joked. “I’ve got to say that a lot of my taste in music stopped about the time I impacted a surface-to-air missile with my own airplane and never caught up again.”

McCain is famously reluctant to talk about his POW days, but back him into a corner with a point-blank question like "what's you're favorite song," and he's back in the tiger cage. Of course, he's also completely, how you say, lying, as the phrase "ABBA's 1976 track" should indicate. McCain was shot down on Oct 27, 1967, when the #1 song was Lulu's To Sir, With Love.

Now, if McCain would cop to whistling To Sir, With Love while bombing Vietnamese civilians, we might feel compelled, as fans of Dr. Strangelove, to vote for the man. But of course the song was already played at Bill Clinton's inaugural, so, political opportunist that he is, McCain just can't go there.

Alice's Restaurant
was also on the charts that Fall.

Update: Though yr. corresp. was released the same month as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the top of the chart that week was occupied by the Association's Windy. Though we bear no responsibility for this, we still find it somewhat embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

"Windy". How very appropriate!


Owen said...

The Association looks like Spinal Tap did when they were called the Thamesman. Also it is sad that The Association are till touring to this day.

Burro Hall said...

Absolutely! Anyone that was around in June 1967 has no business working today.

Well, gotta back to work...