Sunday, August 10, 2008

So Far From Gold

Oh, hey, have the Olympics started yet? Those Chinese know how to show the world a good time, that's for sure.

Actually, they're covered as heavily here as they are up North, only a little differently. Our favorite "controversy" so far has been the Mexican Olympic official who predicted the team would bring home five medals (fencing, taekwando, stuff like that) only to retract the statement a day later after being condemned for putting too much "pressure" on the athletes. We're pretty sure everyone gets some kind of "participant" certificate, and there's no reason we shouldn't be happy with that.

Querétaro has a few locals wearing the read white and green in Beijing, including swimmer Susana Escobar, who set a new national record in the 400m medley. This was good enough for fifth place in her heat, or, to use the technical term, "elimination in the first round."

Anyway, if you're already sick of NBC and its gauzy Up Close & Personal featurettes, you should know that Televisa's team includes an angry, alcoholic clown and a handpuppet. As all our athletes should be eliminated from competition by Tuesday or Wednesday, these guys are going to have a lot of screen time to fill.


Anonymous said...

At least Brozo isn't doing Oxycontin and flying off to the Dominican Republic for sex tourism... unlike another well-known angry media clown.

Burro Hall said...

When you're as big as Brozo, the chicas come to you.