Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ghost Riders

About a month ago we mentioned that the Mexican government's ceremonial 1976 Lincoln Continental(A gift from Jimmy Carter) was like, um, missing. Not stolen, per se, but missing in the sense that it suddenly became clear that no one had the slightest idea where it was or what had happened to it.

Now comes the news that the car surfaced briefly during a two-day car show in Huixquilucan, Edomex, last April. The car was registered under the title "Continental Presidential," with the bumper adorned with Mexican and American flags, so it's not like anyone was trying to hide its identity. The show was covered extensively, with photographs, by a Mexican car magazine (for which we can find no links, sorry) but no one seems to have put two and two together until now.

We're sure we'll be hearing more in the coming days about the CARRAM Car Club, and its owner, Jorge Ramos Olivares, in whose name the car was registered. Maybe we'll call him ourselves, since no one else in the Mexican press appears to have done so.

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Richard Grabman said...

Jose Lopez Portilo was a bit past it in his last couple of years, and had a house full of stuff he'd stolen from the government that he put out in a garage sale.

"Sure.. you take a hundred pesos for the Lincoln?"