Monday, August 11, 2008

Guten Tagger

Querétaro's new draconian anti-graffiti law - a first offense can land you five years in the slammer and a $1300 fine - seems to have dried up the creative juices of our angry young spray-painters, though there are still a few hard cases out there who think they're above the law. For instance, this freshly applied tag below, believed to be the work of a gangbanger from Germany, of all places, whose real name is José Ratzinger. (Actually, whether or not he ever officially joined the gang is a matter of some dispute.)

The symbol to the right looks like some kind of warning to his rivals, possibly part of some crusade over turf. Anyway, this guy's in for some rough trade if he ever starts tagging the pristine, landmarked walls of Burro Hall.


Anonymous said...

Jose's homey, Miguel Angelo, did a fly job on the Sistine Chapel.


Burro Hall said...

Interiors are no problem. But if he started scribbling naked cherubim on the outside walls, I can assure the Municipalidad de Querétaro would have his fig leaf in a sling pronto.