Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kick Ass!

Because we live across the street from an elementary school that plays the super-creepy Mexican National Anthem twice a day, we barely even noticed when it started emanating from the television. But it seems that - in a reversal of the usual historical pattern - a Mexican has gone to someone else's country and come back with gold. Specifically, Guillermo Pérez, who literally kicked everyone's asses in Taekwando. The medal was awarded on a judge's decision, unfortunately, which would normally lead this page to editorialize against it. But when a country's latest hero is a martial artist, we consider it prudent to fall in with the crowd, and hereby send a great big saludos! to Sr. Pérez.

And from coast to coast, workmen are painting over the half finished "Avenida Tatiana Ortiz y Paola Espinosa" signs, to be re-lettered "Calle Guillermo Pérez."

[Also, for the chuckleheads who want to kick illegal immigrants and their children out of America, bear in mind that doing so would double Mexico's gold medal count. Which is fine with us, but the sign-painters would like a head's up.]

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