Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Land That Time Forgot

It's always interesting to see someplace whose faults you know intimately being given the full Vaseline-on-the-lens, soft-focus treatment. So here's a just-posted video from the Mexican Tourist Board - possibly cooked up at this meeting? - extolling the many, many virtues of Querétaro, including a heretofore unnoticed abundance of unescorted white chicks.

"In Querétaro, time doesn't exist." That would probably explain all the 5AM religious processions.

Twenty-two other states to chose from here.


Anonymous said...

That looks really nice. Maybe you can show us this version of Queretaro when we come again.


Dan said...

I'm still a little high from huffing the air of freedom down there. Good times.

Anonymous said...

yeah. this is like a completely different city than the one you've been telling us about. Golf courses, busty women. all we hear about is cats and politics.

Burro Hall said...

I'm not sure we can be fairly accused of skimping on the babe coverage here.