Monday, August 04, 2008

Listen To What The Flower People Say

What could be more Mexican than a fleur-de-lis? Duh! A world record breaking fleur-de-lis, of course. Mexico loves getting into the Guinness Book, no matter how silly the record, and this weekend brought more good news for the nation, as the Mexican Boy Scouts took to the Zocalo to shatter the record for - this is actually a category - Largest Fleur-de-Lis Made From Recycled Aluminum Cans, a record previously held by....the Mexican Boy Scouts!

On to Beijing!

Update: We were going to link to the other big Mexican record this weekend - the Largest Torta in Latin America, with some appropriate snark about not really trying, because why not simply go for the biggest sandwich in the world? But there must be some subtle semantic difference between a torta and a sandwich, because of course Mexico already holds the record for the World's Biggest Sandwich.

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