Saturday, August 02, 2008

Please Drink Responsibly

We just spent a buck on a 1940 issue of La Voz Guadalupana, purely for this amazing display of self-awareness from the Bacardi Rum Co.

"Bacardi wishes to make sales, but does not want the money you should be using to buy bread. If, however, you are satisfying all of your family's needs, we invite you to kick back with a well-deserved, healthy glass.." etc. At left is a typical Friday evening at Burro Hall (minus the crying child and with a stronger jawline on the Daddy figure, of course), subtly contrasted with the well-groomed, responsible family man seen enjoying a liter of rum with his already paid-for bread.

Sixty-eight years later, Bacardi is striking this almost subliminal "family man" theme (or at least the making-babies part of being a family man.)

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