Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thngs That Make Me Want to Cut My Own Ears Off

After a while here, it's pretty easy to fall into a rut in which you find yourself complaining about the same things over and over again. And yet, sometimes, one gripe just doesn't cover it. Rather than take it out on you, dear reader (because we're well aware that this site is repetitive enough), we'll just link to our earlier complaint about the jingle-blaring trucks from Gas Express Nieto and ask you to multiply it by ten, since for some unknown reason the trucks now circle our block almost constantly, starting at 7AM, seven days a week.

About ten years ago, Mexico was in the throes of a kidnapping/murder/mayhem wave unleashed by one of the most notorious criminals in the country's history, Daniel Arizmendi Lopez who, for reasons that should be obvious, was known as "The Earcutter." As it turns out, Arizmendi's last victim was the son of the guy who owns Gas Express Nieto. How senseless! We just can't imagine why anyone would want to inflict grievous harm on this man or his family.

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