Friday, August 15, 2008

The Thrill of Victory

In case you're keeping track:

Mexico (pop. 100,000,000); 21 Olympics...10 Gold Medals

M. Phleps (pop. 1); 3 Olympics:...................12 Gold Medals

One of the great ongoing dramas of the Televisa coverage has been the efforts of their poolside broadcast bunny (our research staff hasn't been able to catch her name, so we can't tell you exactly which issue of Playboy Latin America she's been featured in) to obtain an interview with Phelps. Every time he climbs out of the pool, the Televisa booth cuts to her, lurking in some corner near the men's locker room, and they banter back and forth about her upcoming "interview" as if it were a done deal. After about five minutes of this, the swimmers make their way back to the showers, and Bunny Girl thrusts her Televisa microphone at Phelps and yells, in English, "Michael! Congratulation! 'ow did it feel?" and Phelps, who is usually blowing his nose into a towel, passes by without slowing down or glancing in her direction. She turns back to the camera with the forced smile of a gymnast who just blew her dismount. It's utterly heartbreaking.

So last night was a thrilling moment here, not because Phelps took another gold, but because Bunny Girl successfully waylaid him on the way to locker room, and obtained 30 seconds of sports-talk pablum, none of which we heard because the guy in the booth was providing simultaneous translation (technical note to the Televisa guys: usually, you don't want the interviewee and translator to speak at the exact same volume), but which sounded like he was "feeling good" "trying his best" and "looking forward" to something or other. If he manages to get two more gold medals, we still doubt he'll be smiling as broadly as she was last night

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Yeah, but the Mexico Olympic team is probably having a lot more sex.