Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Baby You Can Drive My Car

While we were taking the perro out for his evening trot yesterday, we saw a high school girl sitting on the corner cradling a lifelike plastic infant doll, which we assume to be part of one of those school programs where they try to drill into kids' heads that babies aren't just for Christmas (though given the ridiculous number of teenage mothers in Querétaro, the lesson may be more of a how-to kind of thing.) The girl was waiting for her mother to come pick her up and when she did, the girl climbed into the front seat, ignored her seatbelt, and propped the doll up on her lap - just like you'd do with a real live baby here!

In other reproductive news, we're off to the veterinario to separate the spare cat from his testicles. Funny photos to follow.

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