Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Going Postal

We've complained before about the Mexican Postal Service, so it's a relief to see that the Postal Service has gotten the message and is taking concrete measures to improve service. For instance, they've got a new logo! And a smokin' new color scheme: "lime green, hot pink and white." [Note to the Mexican Congress: the bicentennial may be an excellent opportunity to rethink that tired old green, red and white Mexican flag, no?] Also, they're changing their name from "The Mexican Postal Service" to "The Mexican Mail." Because what better way to improve service than dropping "Service" from their name?

The photo above is how a typical mail delivery arrives at Burro Hall. Like every other house in Querétaro, we have a mail slot on the front door, so of course the carrier walks past the door to the living room window and wedges the letters in between the two window panes. Sometimes we even notice them before they're stolen by passersby.

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Jorge Arturo said...

The worst part is Mexpost, the "private" part of mexican mail, where they overcharge like they where DHL or Estafeta to deliver the mail, when they should do it just because is their reason to be whitout charging extra.