Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Goodness Gracious

Our long search for the most recklessly irresponsible, regularly-scheduled public gathering is finally over! Via La Plaza, we learn of "Bolas de Fuego" (Ball's o' Fire), held every August 31 in the Nejapa municipality of San Salvador, El Salvador:

According to Wikipedia: "Las Bolas de Fuego has two origins, one is a historical story and the other is a religious tale.

"The historical version of the story is that a volcano erupted and forced the villagers of the old Nejapa village (known as Nixapa) to flee and settle at its current location.

"The religious version is that "San Jeronimo" was fighting the Devil with Balls of fire. No matter what version you believe, the tradition commemorates both stories."

We don't care which is true. The important thing is that Ball's o' Fire literally involves the young men of Nejapa hurling balls of fire at each others heads.

See you next August!


s said...

Are you sure the kids weren't on their way to a Kiss concert and took a wrong turn?

Anonymous said...

That makes Las Fias (?) look like ding-dong school!