Friday, September 19, 2008

If God Is All-Powerful, Can He Create a City So High That Even His Supreme Servant On Earth Cannot Visit It?

Mexicans love them some pope, even though there have only been five papal visits to the country, by John Paul II, John Paul II, John Paul II, John Paul II, and John Paul II. (They'd chant outside his window throughout the night, "Juan Pablo Segundo, te quiere todo el mundo!". To which the pope once famously replied, "I love you, too. Now go to bed." We could have told him this doesn't work.) But still, if you're pope, you've pretty much got a standing invite here. After three years in office, the current pontiff has finally replied, infallibly: fuck you, I'm old.

Pope "too old to travel to Mexico"

Pope Benedict is too old to attend an event in Mexico City because of its high altitude, a cardinal said.

The pope had been invited to attend the World Family Day in January.

"The pope is in good health, but he's no longer a young man," Cardinal Antonelli said. "The problem, aside from the travel distance, is the altitude of Mexico City."

Mexico City is more than 7,300 feet above sea level.

Seriously? I mean, we know these folks don't make things easy for the tourists, but too old? Dude, where's your Messiah now? And yet he does seem to have a point: JP2 was perfectly healthy when he first visited Mexico in 1979, and just over 26 years later he was dead.

(Of course, we think the Querétaro arrest warrant probably has something to do with it.)

Snarkiness aside, Mexico ain't getting any lower and Benedict ain't getting any younger, so it's weird to see the pope inform the world's second-largest Catholic country he's never coming.

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MexFiles said...

JPII's last visit coincided with a Brittany Spears concert... Spears cut her concert short whining about the altitude, but JP toughed it out. The old boy could barely stand, and as Jornada slyly noted, "The Pope leans to the right".

I think the real reason Pope Ben doesn't want to come here is everybody thinks he's boring. Fun factoid, from sources at AeroMexico. His Holiness had plenty of tequila and Coronas aboard (I think they wanted to get the College of Cardinals wasted so they'd vote for a Mexican Pope).