Monday, September 15, 2008

Lighting Up the Nightime Sky

My maternal grandmother, a woman with a flair for the theatrical, died many years ago on the 4th of July, a gesture clearly designed to ensure that we would not only never forget the day, but would mark it every year with an elaborate coast-to-coast display of pyrotechnics. You've probably celebrated Mary Gorman Day year after year without even realizing it.

My other grandmother, obviously feeling a bit of competitive pressure, managed to pass away on September 11. Perfect score in the "Pick a Memorable Date" category, but seriously, could you have chosen a more depressing day, Nana? Not only does it manage to somehow ruin what was already the crappiest day of the year, but where is the pageantry? Where is the fun? Where are the fireworks?

Mexico, baby, that's where! Nana's funeral was today, September 15, which is the night of the Grito de Dolores, the traditional kickoff to tomorrow's Independence Day celebration. At a few minutes before midnight tonight - and on every Marie Koughan Day from this year forward - every plaza in Mexico will look like this:

Needless to say, we like the symmetry of this. Happy Marie Koughan Day 2008, everyone!

Update: Video above is from '07. Last night's festivities here.

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Anonymous said...

Dueling grandmothers! I love it!