Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice Tiara...Be a Shame If Anything Should Happen To It

Posting has been and will be light over the next, oh, hundred days or so, since we're spending all our time A) working for The Man, and B) not in Mexico, so we're a little out of the loop. For instance, it's been almost four days since we got a new Miss Mexico 2009, and we've only just heard about it.

Give a big saludos to Nuestra Belleza Mexico, Jalisco's own Karla Carrillo González! Okay, okay, that's enough...don't get too cozy.

We couldn't help noticing that the first runner-up is none other than Miss Sinaloa, Laura Elena Zuñiga (right), a 23-year-old firecracker from the coke-soaked capital of Culiacán. We'd never simply assume that a world-class beauty queen from Culiacán may have some admirers in the powder transportation business, but if someone were offering you odds on Karla Carrillo somehow being "unable to complete her reign" as Miss Mexico, Burro Hall would humbly urge you to take the under.

All hail Laura Elena Zuñiga, our next Belleza Mexico! You heard it here first.

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