Friday, September 05, 2008

A Non-Rhetorical Question

Which Palin kids currently play hockey? After a convention in which the phrase "hockey mom" was invoked five times more than the phrase "Osama bin Laden," we have yet to find any specific mention of a Palin on ice. Levi Johnston isn't a member of the family yet (though the kid can one-time it through the five hole! Thank you, thank you very much), so we're left with the army kid, the pregnant teen, the infant and the two pre-teen girls. Which one's the hockey player? Daniel found this link, which speculates that the army kid, Track, played when he was younger. Our mother spent years hauling her three kids around to various track meets - but they were the Reagan years. She wouldn't call herself a "track mom" today.

Is Palin really a hockey mom?

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Gabacho said...

Is, was, does it matter? After all, think of McCain's POW experience still good decades later. I thought all the buzz was about being "hot."