Saturday, September 13, 2008

Something Electric!

Querétaro has simply the most charming infrastructure! We had an all-day blackout earlier this week after a truck attempted to turn down one of the narrow cobblestone paths that pass for roads in this neighborhood, and managed to topple a concrete utility pole - and if you've seen how these things are set up, you can pretty quickly imagine the domino effect that led to the blacking out of half the town.

CFE got the thing fixed in about nine hours, which isn't too bad for them, but part of the reason they were able to move so fast is that they left the next pole up the street exactly as it was. See, when the first pole went down, it was connected by about 50 wires to pole #2, which took a short, hard yank forward, and is now leaning precariously over the road, its spine cracked like so many vertebrae. The boys in our engineering department have helpfully airbrushed into this photo a guide to what the correct angle of the pole should be. Note also the Independence Day decorations further weighting it down. The street is open to traffic (indeed, because of a celebration at the Templo de la Cruz, all traffic is currently being detoured down that very street) and the little park across the street - where the transformer will hit the ground - is still open.

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