Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Speaking of Lipstick-Wearing Swine

Sarah Palin may have saluted Hillary Clinton for putting all those "cracks in the glass ceiling" (24 years after Geraldine Ferraro), but her true antecedent is probably Jane Swift, the grossly under-qualified 40-something female governor of Massachusetts who gave birth in office before eventually withdrawing from the Republican primary to pave the way for Willard "Mitt" Romney to become governor and be passed over for vice-president. Swift was so unpopular that, frankly, we assumed she'd never show her face in politics again.

And then we get this, from the "Where are they now?" file:

"Sen. Obama ... uttered what I can only describe to be disgusting comments, comparing our vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, to a pig," former Mass. governor Jane Swift declared in a burst of outrage.

On a conference call with reporters, Swift, the newly designated chair of the "Palin Truth Squad," demanded that Obama apologize ...

Four reporters were allowed to pose questions on the call, and three of them were from women who asked, with obvious incredulity, whether Swift honestly believed that Obama meant to literally compare Palin to a kind of livestock. When one reporter asked Swift why she assumed the remarks were directed at Palin, Swift replied: "It seemed to me a gendered comment. There's only one woman in the race."

"As far as I know, she's the only one of the four -- the presidential and vice presidential candidates -- who wears lipstick," Swift said.

We'd comment on her logic, but Swift would obviously assume we were making fun of Trig Palin.

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Julie said...

This whole thing is a disgrace, and Jane Swift is a manipulative, lying idiot. I only worry that the majority of the voting public is too lazy/ignorant/uninformed to take the time to hear the ENTIRE quote, which has NOTHING to do with Palin. God help us all if this ridiculous display costs Obama votes.