Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cooler Heads Prevail

Tales from the mailroom of the damned...

Police in northern Mexico have received an ice chest packed with four human heads.

The chest that arrived at the Ascencion police station in Chihuahua state was marked "vaccines," but wasn't claimed for a week.

Finally, police opened it and found the heads. The bodies haven't been located.

How unsurprising is it that a box labeled "vaccines" would be allowed to languish for a week in police storage? Whatever diseases those kids needed to be vaccinated against will still be around next week, right? What's the hurry?

But the main reason we posted this was to show off the excellent work our friends in the CBS News graphics department are doing these days! "More drop shadow on the stock-photo cooler, boys! And gimme a gold slash across the Mexican flag. Perfecto!"

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