Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain Time

Gotta hand it to the Repubs - they know that in the final days of a campaign, it's all about the optics:

As Democratic nominee Barack Obama pulled into the Roanoke Civic Center on Friday, he was greeted by the usual McCain campaign supporters that show at Obama rallies. But this time, those waving McCain-Palin signs were joined by dozens of people waving standard-issue plungers. Some wore white t-shirts emblazoned with "I AM JOE THE PLUMBER" on the front.

Because, really, what's funnier than a bunch of angry white guys menacing a black man with a plunger?

1 comment:

chip said...

OK. That's a cheap shot, Burro Hall.......
Unless, of course, it's the reverse ironic subjunctive verb construction of a cheap shot.
In which case, cheers!!