Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Lincoln Blogging

We're referring, of course, to Lincoln Savings and Loan, the personal taxpayer-funded piggy bank of one Charles Keating, the very, very close friend of Straight Talkin' Maverick John McCain. Since today is National Remember Charles Keating Day over in Obamaland, we thought we'd chip in our two cents and post this Burro Hall Classic Video from 1992 - the very first piece we did with our Uncle Martin for Listening to America with Bill Moyers. (We're hesitant to unleash this on the world because of Marty's shades-of-Barry-White narration of the piece, but have decided to take a chance. Please, ladies, we beseech you, do not throw panties and/or room keys at your computer!)

[Part 2 here.]

Okay, so the piece doesn't actually mention McCain (in fact, it attacks a Democrat, Freddie St. Germain, because that's what the liberal media does best), but when Chuck Keating says this:
"One question, among many raised in recent weeks, had to do with whether my financial support in any way influenced several political figures to take up my cause.

"I want to say in the most forceful way I can: I certainly hope so."

...he's straight-talkin' about The Maverick! (It's less clear who he means when he says at about one minute in, "We would have, I would think, probably the highest caliber girl in town," but it's worth noting that he was especially close to Cindy.)

Of course, Barack Obama once barely kinda knew a guy who tried to blow some shit up back in the 60s, so none of this really matters.

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