Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Finally, some good news in the drug war! While the government keeps throwing more money and firepower at the cartels, the cartels have kept getting richer and more powerful. But if a recent raid on a mansion connected to the Beltrán Leyva brothers is any indication, the cartels may be entering their Charles Foster Kane / Howard Hughes / Michael Jackson phase, in which their genius suffocates under the weight of their bloated success:

MEXICO CITY - Suspected drug smugglers kept lions, tigers and panthers in the garden of a Mexican mansion where a Colombian-led gang was arrested at the weekend on drugs charges, police said on Monday.

Police found two adult African lions, two white-colored tigers and two black panthers in cages in the grounds of the plush, wood-paneled house where the drug suspects were holding a party.

The house also boasted a suit of armor and a pond with what appeared to be a live hippopotamus, according to a video shot by Reforma newspaper.

"The animals are endangered species," said a spokesman for Mexico's federal police.

These guys are HIStory.

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Anonymous said...

Nice house! I wonder if it's for sale now that the owners have been arrested. I would only want it with the pets though.