Monday, October 06, 2008

Osana vin Laden

From the terrific Laura Martinez (who found it here) comes this great exvoto, which is sort of a traditional Mexican thank-you note to God, usually hand painted on a thin sheet of metal and left in church (because everyone knows that's where God picks up his mail).

This one is dated Sept 30, 2001, and says:

“Dear Virgin of Guadalupe don’t let this guy Osana vin Laden attack the United States again, much less with nuclear weapons because I have family working over there, in Los Angeles, California; and may peace reign and not WAR, because we are all your sons. Give them good sense in behalf of humanity.”

Good sense in behalf of humanity. That's change we can believe in.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! I wish I could have read the other cards from the link.


D.S. Monoclonius said...

The bin Laden one is impressive, but we really have to thanks the Virgin for all the others on that site, they are unalloyed perfection

Burro Hall said...

You're saying we should leave an exvoto saying thanks for the exvotos? Very meta!