Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Dear God"

Geopolitical concerns aside, those of us who are somewhat, how you say?, scared shitless in an airplane seat were rather hoping the government minister's plane had been sabotaged by drug cartels.

The pilot of a small government jet that crashed last week, killing Mexico’s interior minister, flew too close to a jumbo jet that it was following and lost control of the plane in the turbulence created by the larger plane, the authorities said Friday.

Not that we get a lot of opportunities, but this will certainly keep us out of Learjets for a while.

As we mentioned before, Mexico has no vice-president, but if something were to happen to the president. the government minister takes over, so that makes him essentially the number two man in the government. So of course...

“We also have preliminary evidence that the crew was not sufficiently familiar with operating the Learjet 45,” he said. The flight’s voice recorder showed that the crew felt the turbulence just before the pilot lost control.

Look, we can't even drive a stick shift, so we really shouldn't criticize here, but then there's a reason why we don't get to fly the government minister's plane, you know?

The authorities released a transcript of the flight voice recorder, which showed what Mr. Téllez called the pilots’ “anguish, impotence and frustration” as they tried to regain control of the plane. The last word from one of the pilots was, “Dear God.”

We'll bet.

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snowyco said...

Our local paper described that the pilot was ordered to slow down by ground control. The pilot was told that there were 2 other big planes too close, and he was ordered to slow to 200 mph.

Instead of complying, the pilot talked it over with the co-pilot for another 90 seconds, and then exclaimed: "Diosito!"...