Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For Whom The Bell Tolls

The nearby town on San Juan del Rio has Museum of Death - which, since it sounds really cool and is a mere half hour drive from our home, we have of course never been to. Every year on Day of the Dead, the Museum holds a plañidera competition - plañideras being women who are paid to attend funerals and weep pitifully, tear at their clothes and hair, and beseech God Almighty to take them instead (throwing themselves into the grave costs extra). It's not common anymore, more of a medieval thing, but we've still put a couple on retainer just in case we should outlive all our friends - or, more likely, alienate them all in the short time we have left.

Below, Miss Plañidera 2008, Olga Ibarra.

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snowyco said...

"Are you in heaven?"
"Are you in hell?"
"Are you preparing new parades of protests?"

Were you were punked...?