Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gato Perdido Encontrado

Update: Just turned up, howling on the roof of a house a few doors down. Good job, everyone. The reward money goes back into the jackpot for next time.

We're hoping this falls into the "boys will be boys" category, but the spare cat has decided to take himself for a little walk, and has been out of the house for at least 24 hours now. This is an exceedingly long time considering he's never been out of the house before. If anyone reading this in Querétaro comes across an absurdly friendly black male cat, approximately eight months old, possibly - but not certainly - wearing the collar and tag you see here, he answers to Juan Pablo. Please email us at (or call the number on the tag).

You'll be presented with a reward so generous, it will make us both uncomfortable.


radosh said...

So it wasn't a cartel kidnapping?

Burro Hall said...

We think there may have been circus involvement.

Dutch said...

Dillon (Hello, Carl Weathers!) is sending Me, Mac, Poncho and Billy the Indian your way as soon as we rescue the Cabinet Minister. Blaine ("I ain't got time to bleed") can't make it. But we'll find your cat, mi amigo. Then we'll kill the bastards that took it.