Friday, November 21, 2008

Vendetta of the Week

We'd really love to see an end to the whole "Team of Rivals" meme surrounding the Obama Administration-elect. First of all, the "team" seems thus far to potentially include one "rival" who agrees with him on everything except the relevance of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. [Update: She's accepted. Hope it works out better for her than for Seward.]

But more importantly (to our self-centered way of seeing things), it's pushing sales of the book through the roof - enriching an authoress who lacks the good manners and humility to return a single phone call, email or letter, including at least one passed directly to her by a very close friend, from a television producer seeking to interview her about the 16th president. Admittedly, we weren't going to pay her her usual $40,000 lecture fee, but we'd have sent a nice car and catered a lunch, you know?

So please do the right thing and shun this sockdologizing old man-trap. If you really must read the book, you may borrow our copy, which we purchased for $24.95 a couple months ago.

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Julie said...

Wasn't there something about her plagiarizing or fabricating work several years ago?