Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Christmas Tale

In Mexico, Christmas is all about the baby Jesus - specifically, we're referring to the ceramic figurines that adorn the family's nativity scene. At Christmas Eve Mass the churches are full of family matriarchs carrying baby-dolls-in-a-basket to be blessed by the priest. On February 2, the dolls are brought back to the church of a special Mass, the way the 40-day old real baby Jesus would have been presented at temple. The rest of the year, the figurine watches over you and keeps you safe or something. The little baby's a big deal.

So at Christmas dinner Thursday night we were talking to a friend who had briefly taken possession of the spare cat a while back - briefly, because it took all of 24 hours for her to decide that the li'l fella was a tad too spirited for her. Apparently, as we learned this week, he demonstrated his rambunctiousness by leaping up on the mantle and tossing the baby Jesus to the floor, shattering his infant skull and sending his head rolling into the kitchen. Like an American flag, there are few acceptable ways to dispose of a decapitated Christ child, and after considerable reflection and a few desperate prayers for forgiveness, the Holy Corpse was tossed into the garbage, the bits of broken head swept up, and the whole mess deposited on the curb. The cat was returned to us the next day and, despite having put the "mess" in "Messiah," has been living a charmed life ever since. The End.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I love that cat!!!!!!
I have an Infant of Prague statue that, for many years, I have wondered how to get rid of without condemning my soul to Hell.
Now I know! I need your cat!


Anonymous said...

And people wonder why cats were once thought to be familiars of the devil... it's because its true!