Monday, December 01, 2008

Crying Lobo

We've seen a number of articles about the Mumbai terrorist attacks indicating that people were initially slow to react to the grenades and machine gun fire because they were so used to hearing celebratory fireworks that the assumed the noise was just more of the same.

To our dear, sweet, innocent and naive queretano Jesus freaks, we ask, When will you learn? How many people have to be slaughtered before you stop with the endless, indiscriminate fireworks? If a band of holy warriors (real warriors, not some pussy singing hymns into a megaphone) were to attack the city at 5:30am on the Feast of the Patron Saint of Whatever, who amongst the townspeople would even think something was amiss, let alone rise up in defense? We'll tell you who: the residents of Burro Hall, who, alone among the residents of the centro historico, have not been lulled into passive acceptance of your pre-dawn detonations. (The Hall, we should note, is rather small, and will certainly not have room to shelter the congregations of both Templo de la Cruz and Templo Merced. So you guys are going to have to fight it out between yourselves first.)

Think about it.

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