Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Demasiada Informacion

Though we're pretty big fans of our vet, a man who, despite a complete absence of any veterinary or medical equipment, has kept the perro up and running for a couple of years now, every now and then we feel the need to haul out the big guns. So after a 5,500 mile round trip economy-class flight and three days of slurping Thanksgiving gravy off the kitchen floor, the boy got himself a first-class work up at the New England Veterinary Clinic. We got a little misty as we were offered the "geriatric exam package," but the faint strains of "Time In a Bottle" stopped when we were handed a bill for $336.25. [Note to our parents: If this is what an elderly dog costs, we're booking you into the Jefferson Institute.]

But you do in fact get a lot of doctoring for that kind of kibble, and at last all the results have been emailed in:

Everything looks normal. His bloodwork looks fine and his fecal float was negative for any signs of parasites.

In your face, America! Anyone avoiding Mexico because you're afraid you might get sick, take note: this creature eats everything he finds laying on the sidewalk, spends the rest of his day licking his own dirty feet, and his fecal float is negative. What are you worried about?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad his fecal float was fine. You may have cause for concern about your own fecal float after that Jefferson Institute remark!


Anonymous said...

And after all that butt and foot licking, I assume he licks your face and slobbers all over you. Your fecal float is likely to be equally impeccable.


Burro Hall said...

Hmmm. That would explain the whole typhoid incident.