Friday, December 05, 2008

Emergency Medicine

The Times has a story today about hospitals in Tijuana, which have essentially become free-fire zones as drug gangs storm the ICUs to finish off their wounded rivals.

"Remember that hospital scene from 'The Godfather?' " asked Dr. Héctor Rico, an otolaryngologist here, speaking about the part in which Michael Corleone saves his hospitalized father from a hit squad. "That's how we live."

Longtime readers have probably realized that we known little or nothing about Mexico. The Godfather is another story. We wanted to post the actual Godfather hospital scene, but we're only able to find it online subtitled in Japanese (starts about 5:18). Now compare Michael gently wheeling his father down the silent hallways with this siege of Tijuana General Hospital from April 2007.

A much better analogy would have been the tollbooth scene.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the Beat Takeshi movie Sonatine? It has a great ending, LOTS of gunfire, so much so that it's really funny.

You already know that in Japan not even the police carry guns, so only the yakuza bad guys have them.

Maybe Mexico's cartels are turning Japanese?