Sunday, December 28, 2008

Funny Like I'm a Clown? I Amuse You?

The problem with April Fool's Day is that its name pretty much gives the whole game away. I mean, when April rolls around, and foolish things start to happen, you've got to be a real rube not to figure it all out. That's why those crafty Mexicans celebrate it on December 28. You've got to get up pretty early to see it coming! Indeed, some of the greatest minds of our generation have found themselves publicly humiliated on this day.

April Fool's jokes here seem to come in only one variety: wacky newspaper stories. The front page of today's El Universal carried this knee-slapper about Barack Obama coming to Mexico City to go ice skating in the Zócalo.

“The president doesn't like Mexico. He's never come here before, until now. He loves ice skating. He only came for that," said the spokesperson."

Stop! You're killin' us! Oh, which reminds is actually El Dia de los Santos Inocentes, the Day of the Holy Innocents, commemorating the day that original practical joker, King Herod, ordered the slaughter of all male babies in order to totally punk the baby Jesus. Somehow, in Mexico, possibly because "inocente" also means "naive," the celebration has morphed into April Fool's Day. Every year since then the Church has spent the day issuing humorless statements designed to ruin everybody's fun by reminding us about all the dead babies, then and now, its deadpan earnestness providing the only real laughs of the day.


Joy said...

Idiots we are, my husband and I are were unaware of Dia de los Innocentes -- until yesterday, when we tried to understand the Obama story, and when we saw The News' article that they were installing a giant trampoline in the Zocalo, and I was like "no fucking way? Awesome."

Burro Hall said...

Of course, maybe the story was true, and this post is the Dia de los Inocentes prank... [eerie music fades up]