Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lab Rats

Six months after we (America, not Burro Hall) promised Mexico a billion and a half dollars to exacerbate the war on drugs, the first few sackfuls of cash have started to shake loose. Like most foreign aid, the vast majority of these dollars will be spent in the US, not Mexico. But one thing that is being built in Mexico, we note with interest, is several dozen "laboratorios" for detecting false immigration documents. How excellent - more money and power for La Migra!

Of course, on the list of antisocial activities committed by the cartels, sneaking into the country on false papers is pretty far down the list. But then this whole Initiative is more about furthering US goals in the region than fighting the scourge of drugs, as the people in charge of it all but admit.

The laboratories signal the bi-national cooperation "for attacking together the problems of insecurity, the thereat of human trafficking, the trafficking of drugs, arms, and eventually terrorists."

Which is all well and good, except Mexico isn't threatened by terrorists, they're threatened by the guys who service America's drug habit. Whatever the merits of this so-called foreign aid, it would be nice if it were at least intended to aid the foreigners.

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