Monday, December 29, 2008

Only 632 Days Until This Eyesore Is Removed

While we were away, the city installed this enormous triumph of functionality-over-form, a huge glass and steel slab with a backwards clock counting down the seconds until the Bicentennial - which, as any Mexican over the age of two could have told you even without the countdown clock, occurs on September 16, 2010.

We suppose it's possible that there may be someone in this country that isn't aware of the date of the Bicentennial. People lapse into comas all the time here, just like in America. But of course the clock doesn't actually tell you when it is. You have to pull out your calendar and count off 600-plus days from today's date in order to figure it out.

If you blow up the photo really big, you can just barely see a bit of the city's iconic symbol, the statue of La Corregidora, which will be obscured now until the Bicentennial of the independence movement she helped kick off. Well done, Querétaro!

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