Thursday, December 04, 2008

Strangers With Candy

Today's creepy story from south of the border is the arrest in San Juan del Rio (the nearest big town to Querétaro) of a refrigerator repairman whose shop was located across from a school. This was especially fortuitous since the guy was an active pedophile. Actually, a very active pedophile. Parents and teachers complained about the guy for about ten years, and nothing was done, but apparently the army raided the guy yesterday looking for drugs, and instead came across his stash of, oh, let's just call it "evidence." Like this wall of "trophies" - little locks of hair labeled with names and dates, and long with (seriously, look for yourself) candy wrappers.

We'll be in the shower for the next 10-12 hours.

Update So of course this guy is back at work today as if nothing ever happened. The army tried to turn him over to the cops, and the cops didn't want him, so there you go. Also, he says that $6,000 dollars in cash, seized as "evidence," has disappeared, which we totally believe. He did concede that the hair and candy-wrappers mural was a "strange habit" of his. Noted.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how many comments you get on this story.
When you do a post about animals you are deluged by comments.
How many people are upset about this disturbing story??


GB said...


It's just a good thing those weren't locks of DOG hair! Then I'd be on my way down to fry the bastard!


Anonymous said...

well, maybe the neighbors now have open proof due to the story being made public -- and maybe they will take the matter into their own hands (full of machetes) as sometimes happens in mexico.

got room in the shower?

Burro Hall said...

It's a pretty big shower, but it sorta depends who's asking...

Julie said...

That is absolutely disgusting. I don't even know what else to say.

Dan said...

Speaking of pedophiles and animals, there is a garage around the corner from my house I used to bring my car to for its annual inspection, it being the only show in town. I would sit outside petting the scruffy little garage dog while the oddly quiet mechanic was inside giving my car the once over. I eventually came to discover he was on the state's pedophile list (a list you get much more interested in when you have two pedos of your own).

Anyway, long story short. The dog's name? Lolita.

I considered staying on with him for his strong sense of irony and his literariness (I mean, I never bring the kids with me anyways) but eventually decided it was all too creepy and now drive seven miles down the road to get my inspection sticker. This place has no dog. And no pedophiles. That I know of.

Burro Hall said...

...when you have two pedos of your own

Heh heh. You said farts.

Dan said...

How fitting.

Anonymous said...

I'm upset.