Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Tale of Two Cities

Christmas in Brooklyn:

And in Querétro:

It's a Currier & Ives - Vivaldi smackdown! Readers may vote for the more annoying video in comments.

Incidentally, it may be in the 70s here, but people still love a Mexican version of egg nog called rompope. The recipe for it is here, and its horrible side effects can be witnessed here. All things in moderation, kids.


Anonymous said...

I think the one from Queretro is more annoying. There is something about weird figures, devil figures,strange animals, Adam and Eve, elephants, that just don't shout "Christmas".
The Brooklyn video at least has snow!


Anonymous said...

That delightful Brooklyn tune almost tipped the scales, but unfortunately the Brooklyn Bridge can't compete with the dancing waters of Queretaro, and Prospect Park looks simply barren with no pinatas or nativity scenes.

Jorge Arturo said...

The music of the Brooklyn is really annoying, and the video quality and text in the Queretaro video is really bad, it is like someone was using Windows Movie Maker for the first time.

I think both are annoying some how.