Sunday, December 28, 2008

Top Dog

Loyal readers are probably already aware that the United States recently elected its first black president, a young man named Obama. And, as the perro and we just discovered on our evening constitutional, Querétaro recently acquired its first black pug, an eight-month-old male, also named Obama. Querétaro being the kind of place where naming your black dog after the president of the United States is seen as a compliment, we decided to find this charming. (In fact, the owners had two pugs, the other being a fawn-colored female named Chonda, which we assume they are unaware is Australian slang for puking.)


Jorge Arturo said...

Long ago a neighbor had two dogs, named Hilary and Clinton. The dogs were doberman.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in DF, one of my neighbors had a beagle named "Saddam" and another a German Shepherd named "Fuhrer". Of course, who am I to talk... my pup was a blonde from the streets of a major Latin American city, so naturally was named "Eva Perra."

Seeing it was one of the more traditional left-wing neighborhoods in Mexico City, the only name that really fit was the Labrador named "Mandela".