Thursday, December 25, 2008

T'was the Night Before Navidad

Last night was an eve full of Mexican traditions. The first was that, traditionally, every friggin' place in town is closed, so we wound up at the one place traditionally open, Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar. Traditionally, it's a bad idea to eat oysters in a Mexican city 400 miles from the nearest ocean, so we had the traditional Mexican cobb salad. Wednesday, by tradition, is 2 por 1 martini night.

Harry's is conveniently located across the Plaza Constitucion from Querétaro's newest tradition, the Fuentes Danzarinas, which, because we've been out of town for a while, we had never actually seen before. It's hard to describe the sensation, but we think it might be like your first time witnessing a stoning. Like, you know it's probably going to be bad, but nothing really prepares you for the existential horror and revulsion you experience.

The gran espectaculo features the million-dollar waters dancing to such traditional Mexican classics as I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, and My Heart Will Go On, though these tunes were hard to make out because (a) they are pumped through a traditional Mexican speaker system, which reduces it all to treble and distortion and (b) they had to compete with the traditional Mexican chanteuse singing jazz standards against pre-recorded backing music at Harry's. At this point, we were hoping for the traditional Mexican banditos to ride in on horseback and shoot the place up, but ultimately we settled for the traditional Mexican siesta by 11PM.

And to all a good night.

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