Monday, December 15, 2008

Twisted Sisters

Here's another example of the kind of shit that goes down when we leave the good people of Querétaro unsupervised for a few months. The city has apparently signed a "sisterhood agreement" with the ten other United Nations World Heritage cities in Mexico. In other words, they've become Sister Cities. Putting aside for a moment the fact that this is not how Sister Cities are supposed to work (they're supposed to be in different countries - hello?), according to the international Sister Cities governing body, the official Sister Cities representative for Santiago de Querétaro is none other than yr humble corresp.

Let us spell out exactly what that means, compañeros: It means nobody - but nobody - cuts a Sister City deal without our say-so. Comprenden? And it certainly the fuck means that we don't wake up and read in the paper that we've adopted ten new little sisters. (Tlacotalpan? Seriously?) We'll be back in town this weekend to deliver a sackful of candy canes and ass-whuppings [Update: we appear to be fresh out of candy canes], so you clowns have got one week to make this this shit right.

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