Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Church and State

We've been making fun of the raging paranoia in this town for a while - typified by the fact that the vast majority of the residents believe Querétaro is safe, and an equal number agree that "it's necessary to implement more security controls," - presumably meaning above and beyond the 100 remote-controlled police surveillance cameras already set up around town. Anyway, we were wandering the dust-choked streets yesterday and noticed for the first time (since we don't usually walk around staring up at the rooflines) the specific camera assigned to monitor Burro Hall, cleverly attached to a rooftop religious icon on the corner of Pasteur and Independencia.

We're pretty sure that from that height the lens can see right onto our roof, which means there's going to be a lot more nude hairy-gringo sunbathing going on as the weather gets warmer. Webcam shows start at 10:00AM, noon, and 2:00PM.

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