Friday, January 30, 2009


Worst. Cops. Ever.

A Mexican beauty queen arrested in the company of heavily armed drug suspects will be released after prosecutors decided not to charge her with any offense, the attorney general's office said on Friday.

Laura Zuñiga
, 23 and the reigning Miss Sinaloa, was detained along with seven men in December at a military checkpoint. Police found assault rifles and more than $55,000 in cash in the luxury vehicles they had been driving.

The raven-haired beauty from the drug-infested northwestern state of Sinaloa has been a fixture in the Mexican media since she was arrested and placed in a federal detention center.

The attorney general's office said on Friday it had not found evidence that she was involved in criminal activity.

Apparently, driving around in an armored SUV with two AR-15 assault rifles, three pistols, nine ammunition clips, 600 rounds of ammos, 16 cell phones, 18 grand in cash and a number of known drug cartel leaders is, in Jalisco at least, technically not illegal. But since her boyfriend, Juarez cartel kingpin Angel Garcia Urquiza, remains in jail (for now), we'd like to invite Srta. Zuñiga to come watch the Super Bowl at our house. No wagering, of course.

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