Friday, January 02, 2009

Grabbing the Bull By the Horns

We're not much for televised college football here, so instead we spent the afternoon at the Plaza de Toros Santa Maria, which we're pretty sure is the most ineptly-run bullring in the world. Still, at just 70 pesos for general admission, it's about 85 cents per bull, which is pretty hard to beat, entertainment-dollarwise. Back in New York it costs $11.50 to see "Marley & Me."

Yesterday's corrida marked the "triumphant return" of the Forcados Queretanos, touted as "the most important and successful forcados in Mexico," who had regrettably not performed in Querétaro in over a year. We weren't entirely sure what a forcado was, though we knew it had something to do with Portugese bullfighting. When they entered the ring, the thing that immediately struck us was that there were thirteen of them. Bullfighters being, with the possible exception of voodoo priests, the most superstitious people in the world, we can't imagine how a group of 13 people is allowed anywhere near a bullring, let alone given headliner status. If Jesus and the 12 Apostles showed up at a bullfighter's dressing room, his manager would make one of them stand outside.

Anyway, here, in its entirety (from last year, not yesterday) is what the Forcados Queretanos do:

Quite possibly the most pointless thing since the $700 billion bailout. The ovation, of course, was rapturous. A few minutes later, another torero came along and finished off the bull.

(Mark Sanchez went 28 for 35, for 413 yards and four touchdowns.)


sunnyjim said...

That's two Jennifer Aniston references in the last four posts. I'm just sayin'...

Burro Hall said...

After seeing Changeling, I switch my allegiance from Team Angelina. You can look forward to many more Jen references in 2009.