Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Still Better Than Wal-Mart, Though

Our Tio Loco send us this troubling evidence that the job market down here is just as bad as in El Norte:

Santiago Meza López, known as “el Pozolero” in the Mexican news media, has confessed to dissolving the remains of 300 people in acid while working for a top drug trafficker, the Mexican Army said Friday. Dissolving bodies is gaining increasing popularity in the internecine killings between rival traffickers that is playing out here, and the practice has become known as making pozole.

Mr. Meza, 45, confessed to receiving $600 a week to dispose of bodies for Teodoro García Simental, a drug kingpin who broke with the Tijuana-based Arellano Félix cartel

Six hundred lousy bucks a week for dissolving human corpses in acid? Shit, the New York State Dept of Labor was paying us $405 to do nothing back in 2005. How much you want to bet the Arellano Félix boys didn't even provide safety goggles and face masks? If this country had an OSHA...


Anonymous said...

Guess he didn't make it as a Matador.


Burro Hall said...

No, someone else handling the killing. He just disposed of the bodies. In bullfighting, he'd be a peón.

Anonymous said...

aaack! might NEVER eat pozole again! especially not in Tijuana!