Monday, January 26, 2009

Let 'em Eat Cheesecake

As part of the endless national effort to break the world record for the most world records set in a single country, 55 cooks in Mexico City spent 60 hours preparing what they claim is the World's Largest Cheesecake. This of course shatters the previous record of....well, there is no previous record. It's safe to say that they're just making shit up now.

Our question, which we plan to put to the public affairs office at Kraft General Foods, is why this event - sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese - was held in Mexico (a country hardly synonymous with cheesecake to begin with) rather than, say, Philadelphia, or even Kraft's hometown of Chicago. We're in a serious recession, guys. This is no time to start shipping cheesecake-record-breaking jobs south of the border.

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