Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shock and Awwww...

In case you were wondering how things turned out for these little fellas, well, they did, in the end, get juiced. The US press picked up the story - which means they might start writing about the 8,000 Mexican kids who die of malnutrition every year, right? Still, we found this factoid interesting:

The city of Querétero [sic] and some boroughs in Mexico City are the only places in the country where electrocution is forbidden as a means of killing unwanted or dangerous animals.

Presumably, the uneven power supply played a role in this decision. Anyway, if you want to throw some cash at the Mexican Animal Rights Assn., they're fighting the good fight on this one.


Anonymous said...

Please make a donation and I will reimburse you.


Burro Hall said...

Ha! What do we look like, fucking rubes?

Anonymous said...

Don't make me go there!