Friday, January 30, 2009

Stairway to Heaven

As part of Operation 'Oh Shit, UNESCO's Coming!,' the city has been repainting just about every old building in the Historic Center. This sometimes involved workplace safety violations so egregious that even the Mexican press is as forced to take notice, as seen in this photo that ran in the paper Noticias a couple of days ago, which we're reprinting for the amusement our friends in the ladder and scaffolding community.

These painters have reached the third floor of this building not by raising a tall ladder from the ground, but by hanging short ladders with handmade wooden stabilizers off the edge off the roof and then climbing down them, unencumbered by nanny-state burdens such as ropes or safety harnesses while hanging 30 feet off the ground.

Amzingly, the paint they're chipping off does not contain lead.

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Anonymous said...

Where is OSHA when you need it?
You just know that if they fall, they will sue LL.