Friday, January 16, 2009

Win a Hummer From This Lady!

Irresistible offer, innit? This is Elba Esther Gordillo, head of the National Teachers Union, which sounds like a genteel enough organization, but in Mexico they're sort of like the Teamsters back in Jimmy Hoffa's day. This lady literally makes or breaks presidential candidates here. Even we don't want any trouble with her, which is why we used the most flattering picture we could find.

Anyway, back in October, Gordillo - a politician with an obviously keen sense of optics - thought this was a good idea:

The boss of Mexico's public sector teachers' union has caused outrage in a country where 40% live below the poverty line by splashing out on 59 Humvees for her top officials.

Elba Esther Gordillo - known simply as "la maestra", or "the teacher" - handed out the first dozen of the controversial vehicles at a meeting of her 1.6 million-strong union at the weekend.

...But the Mexican public has reacted badly to images of union bosses getting into the orange and silver Hummers, worth some 500,000 pesos [$40,000], bombarding radio programmes and newspaper websites with angry comments. Many have expressed their outrage at such largesse at a time when the global financial crisis is causing widespread concern.

At which point, Gordillo said something to the effect of, "Oh, what, those Hummers? No, those are going to be raffled off to raise money for poor schools!" Of course they were! And so now the Querétaro Hummer is finally up for grabs - 100 pesos ($8) a ticket, with a 1-in-10,000 chance of winning (assuming a clean contest, por supuesto!) We're buying a ticket, of course, and will be happy to pick one up for any non-queretanos who want to send us eight bucks. If we win, we're going to paint it with the Burro Hall - er, Monumento de Poo - logo and raffle it again. All the money will, we swear to god, go to the kids.


Anonymous said...

Don't you call Jesus, Lucy and JuanPablo "the kids"?
Just asking, not inferring anything.


Anonymous said...

My money's in the mail. Definitely sign me up. May I suggest painting it black and adding spinning rims? By the way, are you still holding auditions for OMV? Do you have room for a bassoonist? I could always double as a back up dancer in a pinch, and I play a mean cowbell.

Krellinator said...

"keen sense of optics" lol