Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yellow Matter Custard

We've editorialized repeatedly about the rather inhumane ways in which stray dogs are executed in this country, but the one thing we haven't argued with is the need (unfortunately) to do it. Many of these dogs carry rabies and other diseases, and virtually all are unsterilized. Here's a factoid: in the State [not the country] of Mexico there are four dogs for every person - 58 million in all. That's an enormous health hazard, and putting down a mere 4,000 a month doesn't even begin to address it.

So we were a little surprised to learn that most of the dead dogs are simply thrown into open air dumps, where their rotting carcasses pose a major threat to public health. Seriously, is anyone actually in charge of animal control here?

And with that, we're off to Plaza Mexico for the day. Saludos!

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