Wednesday, February 04, 2009

America: You Want Mustard With That?

According to data from the mayor's office, there are 9,000 foreigners living in Querétaro. This means (a) we're outnumbered 99-to-1, and (b) someone is counting us. We thought of this number the other day when we went to the Greek restaurant down the street and saw that it was closed so they could attend the three-day Foreign Community Exposition. We were unaware that there was a "community" of foreigners here, but apparently it's inclusive enough to count the Mexican owners of the Greek restaurant among its members.

The Expo - which was basically a food fair / entertainment / crafts market / tourism promotion event - seemed to be staffed mostly by Mexicans of foreign descent (though it's possible that the various Central American booths were manned by the genuine article; we still can't tell). Of the 9,000 foreigners here, 8,950 either had other plans or weren't invited. Still, if you were sick of Mexican food, it was worth the trip, and most countries made a pretty decent effort to show a little national pride. Here's Germany, Syria and Bolivia, for example:

Ah, but what about the United States of America, you ask - a country many may remember from such historical events as the Apollo moon landing, the polio vaccine, and the crushing defeat of the Nazi war machine? Here below, in a Burro Hall exclusive, is, we kid you not, the entire United States of America pavilion:

Yes, that's a steam tray full of hot dogs and a half-dozen flyers reading "New Orleans Jazz City * U.S.A." tacked to the wall. Unable to contain our pride, we tried to lead them in a sing-among of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," but, being Mexican, they were unfamiliar with the lyrics.


chip said...

Love it... even the guy in the Frank Gore jersey wouldn't be seen at the USA pavilion.

And by the way, I think we're stretching the definition of the word "pavilion" here.

Anonymous said...

Chip, I was just thinking that. And the hot dogs aren't SO bad. I mean, there's hardly room in the US pavilion for a gutted 8-point buck in the flatbed of a Ford F-350driven by a morbidly obese Midwesterner, right? Actually, hot dogs sum it up perfectly.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with hot dogs?


Burro Hall said...

Oh my god, have you ever seen what they do to the poor piggies and cows that go into them??

Anonymous said...

no, but I read what the USDA says goes into them -- they categorized it under "slurry"

Anonymous said...

You are assuming there are piggies and cows in them. Get real!
"Slurry" sounds about right.
But we still love our hot dogs!


radosh said...

At $15 they're still cheaper than Yankee Stadium

Anonymous said...

I would much rather have a mexican hot dog wrapped in bacon and smothered with sauted chiles and onions. And of course it would not be complete without a generous helping of tomatoes and fresh cream. YUM now thats a hot dog!!!

-GIG (Gringo in Guadalajara)